Thursday, April 9, 2009

good weather= happy mood

this week was pretty good. it got to almost 60 degrees! we are talking shorts and flip flops weather. so tuesday, i wore capris and flip flops... it was the perfect weather so i decided wednesday i would go all the way and get my shorts out! (big mistake) haha it got cold again, i was freezing all day! thinking it was warmer outside than inside, i was excited for the chance to go outside and run in strength and conditioning. it wasn't as warm as i thought.. haha, we played kickball... of course the boys are positive that the girls are useless.. so i was just standing there in the outfield, and all the sudden the ball was coming through the air at me... luckily i caught it.. everyone was suprised... haha but it didn't stop there. after that i was IN the game! haha i caught more. kicked harder... haha jk, that reminds me.. some day i am going to come up with a better idea for the ball usually played in kick ball, the super heavy, knock ya over, really textured, rip the skin off your arms and hands ball, they make catching the ball.. well and kicking the ball torture! it hurts! of course i wore shorts that day so all day i had a huge red mark on my leg from kicking the ball..haha.. the high school days...

Friday, April 3, 2009

short drive to missoula!

well man does it feel good to live closer to missoula! instead of 7 hours it 2 and a half! we get to come more often! lately it seems like blonde moments come more often. haha its been at least one a day. i guess it puts laughter in my laugh... and everyone else around me.. lol. well anywhoo.... i am in missoula right now.. nan finally got high speed internet. i can actually check my email here now!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

intro... to blogging

I have a blog! thanks to my incredible super duper aunt connie. 

i am so ready for high school to end. sure the social life isn't too bad, but the rest of it... not so much. i guess i will just have to bear with it.. i mean i have only got 2 more years of it. ugh well theres my intro i guess... lol